Touch-less Equipment For Your Facility

Our effort to improve service delivery and efficient sanitization services continue. We want to announce the implementing of touch-less equipment to facilities. EXCEL FACILITY SERVICES has partnered up with national suppliers to to be able to obtain and provide touch-less equipment and solutions for facilities.

Touch-less Equipment:

Touch-less hand soap dispenser
Touch-less hand towel dispenser
Touch-less sinks
Touch-less urinals
Additional equipment and solutions available upon request.
There are several benefits of touch-less fixtures in your facility. Having a touch-less equipment not only reduces the overall contact with germs, but also reduces waste and promotes efficiency for your business. .

Preventing Bacteria

The first benefit of touch free equipment is to assist in the prevention of bacteria spreading in the bathroom. There are a lot of different viruses and bacteria that can be spread on surfaces and areas like the counter tops, toilet seats, door knobs, and soap pumps. Some of these diseases might include the flu, the common cold, E. Coli, Staphylococcus, and hepatitis A.  Touch-less alternatives inside of your bathroom promote less contact and foster a healthier environment.

Reducing Waste

Another benefit is it helps to lower the amount of waste inside of the facility. This is because the touch-less fixtures will control the amount of the product that an individual uses. For example, if you have a paper towel dispenser, then people can get a handful of paper towels out of it, that are just going to be tossed in the trash, on the floor, or in the sink of the bathroom. The automated towel dispenser will deliver a certain amount of paper towels to the person that helps to reduce the amount of waste. This means that it will also reduce the time that a person will spend on refilling the dispenser.

Promoting Efficiency

The third benefit is that you can improve  efficiency of use. Individuals are not going to want to spend more time in the public bathroom that they have to. With the alternative of the use of touch-less systems inside of your bathroom,  you are not going to spend as much time refiling the dispenser and less money because you are not having to order new products.

For further information on how Excel Facility Services can assist you during this time and assist in proper planning for re-opening of business please contact us and we will be happy to serve.

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