Excel Facility Services proudly serves the nation’s educational communities, offering specialized custodial and maintenance services to public school systems, private schools, universities, and colleges. Our services are significantly important to any school, its students, staff, and visitors. We guarantee our quality control programs will raise the health and safety standards of your educational facility.

Keeping schools clean is essential to providing a healthy environment for students and staff to succeed on a daily basis. On any given day, schools are subject to a multitude of people and activities – making them breeding grounds for germs and viruses. Constant attention to germ control and prevention is necessary to keep our schools clean, healthy, and safe. Upgrading old and inefficient mechanical and electrical systems in school buildings helps lower utility and maintenance costs. If maintenance is ignored, it can get very costly.

Let us handle all of your unique custodial challenges and enhance the standards, image, and reputation of your educational facility!

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