Your office is an important part of your business. What your office space setting looks like and smells like will be a reflection on you. Think about how many people will come in and out of your office, even at unexpected times. Excel Facility Services is your best choice if you want to reflect the professionalism and attention to detail that you cultivate in your business. Furthermore, we understand and appreciate privacy and discretion. Our service has proved time and time again that we can be trusted in confidential areas. We like to put our customers’ minds at ease, so they know they can trust us with office keys.

At Excel Facility Services, all personnel must pass background checks prior to employment. Maintaining confidentiality, professionalism, and integrity while on the job are responsibilities that our staff takes very seriously. Our specialists are trained to work around sensitive objects such as expensive furniture, artwork, wall coverings, etc. From Fortune 1000 Companies to regional headquarters and national facilities, Excel has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to keep everything clean, organized and intact. Our goal is to have your office shine a bright reflection of you, your hard work, achievements and constant professionalism.

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