Office cleaning in the typical office building is different from cleaning offices in medical facilities. When cleaning offices in medical facilities, you should make sure to disinfect and treat all areas with which patients may come in contact to eliminate all germs and slow the progression of the disease.

In the typical waiting room, the person performing the cleaning will enter and smooth the magazines, throw away any visible garbage and empty the bin. They could sweep if the floors are not carpeted, and if they are covered, they will usually vacuum the area to pick up the trash. In a medical facility, cleaning the patient’s waiting area in the office is much more complicated than cleaning the typical waiting area in other offices.


In a medical facility, the magazines that are provided for patients to see while they wait must be covered with plastic covers. The person cleaning the room should clean each of these plastic covers with a disinfectant before placing them on the shelf where they are stored. The cleaning person should clean all magazine stands because each was potentially exposed to a virus or germ that could cause illness in the next person who touches it.

Medical Office Cleaning Continued…

Furniture in a normal waiting area is disinfected approximately once a month, but in a medical facility, each piece of furniture must be thoroughly cleaned with a disinfectant cleaner at the end of each day. The person cleaning the room should clean each portion of the chairs, benches, and tables with a disinfectant to make sure persistent germs are removed before patients return to the waiting room the next day. Even potted plants should be cleaned or sprayed with a disinfectant to make sure there are no germs hidden in their foliage.

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