Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning

Excel Facility Services offers excellent carpet cleaning services. Using natural cleaning methods and biodegradable cleaning products, we are able to clean every spot and remove all stains and spills. Our service is thorough, environmentally-friendly and safe, keeping everyone in the building healthy. We take a lot of pride in our cleaning and restoration. Our carpet technicians are experts when it comes to getting stains and odors out of your wall to wall carpet. We can also repair your carpet depending on the overall condition. After our carpet cleaning treatment, your carpet will look like it did the day it was laid down.

Our carpet cleaning services include:

  • Spot treating isolated stains
  • Bonnet cleaning surface areas
  • Hot water extraction which targets deeper fibers
  • Dry clean method
  • Attentive pre-clean debris removal, including staple and gum removal
  • Proper use of chemicals
  • Proper vacuum attachments to safely clean under and around objects
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