Mr. Romero became president of Excel Facility Services in February 2008. He has been able to develop business across different states in the United States in which Excel Facility Services has been very successful.

As CEO and President of Excel Facility Services LLC, Alvin Romero brings a wealth of janitorial service experience to clients. He is a career-long expert in creating and executing strategies to migrate client expectations, with a specialized concentration in managing the most challenging of circumstances.

Excel Facility Services is rising success because of the attention Romero places in his skill sets which include: customer service, relationship cultivation, communication, and sales plan implementation.

Gumersindo Rivera is the Vice President at Excel Facility Services LLC. , a maintenance company dedicated to providing customers with the highest level of service. Managing client accounts and assisting in the growth and development of staff, as well as the overall firm, are the key functions performed by Rivera. The satisfaction of each client is what drives his approach to this business. Mr. Rivera has over 10 years experience servicing the commercial and industrial fields where he has acquired certifications that have helped in the success of his career and the firm.

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